Tolerances and Specifications for Commercial Weighing and Measuriing Apparatus
Fits of Folly Or Aberrations of a Philosopher
The Laws of Hybridizing Discovered by Richard Diener
The Scriptural Reason Why the Rebellion Has Not Been Suppressed A Sermon Preached
Administration of Abraham Lincoln
There Is a Faith Due to the People as Well as to the Holders of Public Securities
Decline of American Shipping Its Causes and Remedy
Ueber Provenzalische Bearbeitungen Der Kindheit Jesu
Diss Inaug Med de Religione Medici
Epitome of Percussion and Auscultation And the Physical Diagnosis of Affections of the Lungs and Heart With a Summary of the Regions of the Chest and Abdomen as Related to Physical Diagnosis
Frost in the United States
Sketch of Dunbarton New Hampshire [Electronic Resource]
A Catechism of Health for the Use of Schools and Young Persons
The Statutes of Dickinson College
The Life-Work of Theodore Parker A Discourse Preached at the ME Church Warren Street Roxbury June 10 and Repeated Before the Literary Societies of the Methodist General Biblical Institute Concord NH June 13 1860
The German Element in Maryland Up to the Year 1700
Address by Hon George B Loring and Report of Col Daniel Needham
A Discourse Delivered in Stoneham (Mass) April 8 1813 Being the Day of the State Fast
The History of a Postage Stamp
Fourmis Du Musee de Bruxelles Fourmis de Benguela Recoltees Par M Creighton Wellman Et Fourmis Du Congo Recoltees Par MM Luja Kohl Et Laurent
Some Double Halogen Salts of Tellurium with the Alkaloids
The Picnic and Other Verses
The Preventable Causes of Disease Injury and Death in American Manufactories and Workshops and the Best Means and Appliances for Preventing and Avoiding Them
Address Before the Massachusetts Society for the Suppression of Intemperance Delivered May 27 1833
The Bride and the Burglar
The Study of Politics in Unity Clubs and Classes
The Defection Farther Considerd Wherein the Resigners Are Really Dissenters
The Practice of Justice Our Only Security for the Futune
Westfield Pure Food List from 19th Annual Report and Appended Additions Board of Health of the Town of Westfield
Memoir of John Langdon Sibley
The Effect of Manganese Compounds on Soils and Plants
An Address Delivered at Norfolk Juvenile Lyceum
The White Wolf
The Seven Seals Opened
Success in the Medical Profession An Introductory Lecture Delivered at the Massachusetts Medical College November 6th 1850
Little Rhymes of Childhood
An Outline of the General Regulations and Methods of Teaching in the Male National Model Schools
Occasional Papers of the California Academy of Sciences Volume No 91 1972
Debates Relative to the Affairs of Ireland In the Years 1763 and 1764 Volume 2
Historical Sketch of the Missions of the American Board in Africa
Hearings Before the Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce of the House
Message from the President of the United States Transmitting Communications from the Plenipotentiaries of the United States Charged with Negotiating Peace with Great Britain Showing the Conditions on Which Alone That Government Is Willing to Put an End
Speech of C M Clay Before the Young Mens Republican Central Union of New York in the Tabernacle October 24th 1856
Memorandum and Anecdotes of the Civil War 1862 - 1865
Hearings Before the Committee on Expenditures on Public Buildings of the House of Representatives March 30 1908
In the Heart of the Meadow and Other Poems
The Description and Use of a New Portable Orrery On a Most Simple Construction Representing in Two Parts the Motions and Phaenomena of the Planetary Systems to Which Is Prefixed a Short Account of the Solar System or the True System of the World
Note Alla Domanda Pel Reparto Dei Consiglieri Avanzata Dagli Abitanti del Ponte Buggianese Allon Deputazione Provinciale Di Lucca
Technocracy Social Universals
Lake Commerce Letter to the Hon Robert MClelland Chairman of the Committee on Commerce in the US House of Representatives in Relation to the Value and Importance of the Commerce on the Great Western Lakes
An Address Delivered at the Consecration of the Harmony Grove Cemetery in Salem June 14 1840
Obituary Addresses Delivered on the Occasion of the Death of the Hon John C Calhoun a Senator of South Carolina in the Senate of the United States April 1 1850 with the Funeral Sermon of the REV CM Butler DD Chaplain of the Senate Preached
List of Foreign Correspondents of the Smithsonian Institution Corrected to January 1862
Memorial Proceedings on Occasion of the Death of Hon William McKinley Volume 1
Not So Bad After All An Original Comedy in Three Acts
I Autocatalytic Decomposition of Silver Oxide II Hydration in Solution
The Truth about Mushrooms
The Parsons Greetings
Speech of Mr Van Buren of New York Delivered in the Senate of the United States on the Mission to Panama March 1826
Armstrong and World Freedom
The Miracles of Prayer A Sermon Preached Before the University in the Cathedral Church of Christ in Oxford on Septuagesima Sunday 1866
Book of Designs
The System of Late Hours in Business Its Evils Its Causes and Its Cure
The Identification of True Mahogany Certain So-Called Mahoganies and Some Common Substitutes
Speech of the Hon John Minor Botts Delivered on the Occasion of a Complementary Dinner at Newark N J on the 19th of September 1853
Address Delivered Before the Citizens of North-Yarmouth on the Anniversary of American Independence July 4 1825
Oregon Pioneers
The High School Course in Agriculture
The Origin and Growth of Civil Liberty in Maryland
Odd Moments
Isochronism of Balance-Springs
Down Petticoat Lane
Funeral Address Delivered at the Burial of President Lincoln at Springfield Illinois May 4 1865
The Land of Forgetfulness
The University of Virginia Jefferson Its Father and His Political Philosophy An Address Delivered Upon the Occasion of the Dedication of the New Buildings of the University June 14 1898
An Oration Delivered Before the Municipal Authorities of the City of Boston at the Celebration of the Seventy-Eighth Anniversary of American Independence July 4 1854
The Birth and Death of Nations Volume 2
Souvenir of the Leland Stanford Junior University And Description of Palo Alto the University Town
Bulletin of the Free Library of Philadelphia Issue 7
Address at the Commencement of the Medical School of Harvard University March 11 1868
Metropolitan University Remarks on the Ministerial Plan of a Central [London] University Examining Board
Variations on a Theme
Naval Base on San Francisco Bay Hearing Feb 20 1918
Bibliography of the Tannoids
The Domestic Calendar An Arrangement of the Holy Scriptures for Family Worship by a Layman [Signing Himself JH]
On the Effects of Pruning Certain Coniferous Trees and Shrubs
A Description of Christianity Criticised Being a Paper by the Late Rt Hon the Lord ONeill Read at the Annual Meeting of the Victoria Institute 25 June 1883 by the Lord Bishop of Derry Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
Territory of Papua
Evidence Given Before the Senate Committee on Immigration and Labour 6th May 1914
Earlys Attack Upon Washington July 1864
Angelsachsische Sprache Das Fundament Der Englischen ALS Gegenschrift Zu Die Das Fundament Der Englischen Sprache Ihr Ursprung Aus Der Scandinavischen Sprache Und Nicht Aus Dem Anglo-Sachsischen Von [T] Smith
Hints Towards Peace in Ceremonial Matters Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
A Plea for the West A Sermon Preached Before the Missionary Society of the Synod of South-Carolina Georgia in Augusta November 21 1824
Re-Organization of Florida an Address Delivered Before a Meeting of the Citizens of Nassau County Florida at Kings Ferry on St Marys River on Saturday July 22 1865
Nelson a Flaming Fire A Sermon Preached by the Right REV the Lord Bishop of Stepney at the Nelson Centennial Service in St Pauls Cathedral on Sunday Afternoon October 22nd
The Drunkard A Poem
Finding List of English Prose Fiction Including Juvenile Fiction in the Library of School District Issue 1
Are We a Nation? Address of Hon Charles Sumner Before the New York Young Mens Republican Union at the Cooper Institute Tuesday Evening Nov 19 1867
Denominationalists and Secularists Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
Abraham Lincoln an Address Delivered Before R E Lee Camp No 1 Confederate Veterans at Richmond Va on 0ctober 29th L909
A Letter to Wm Howard Russell LLD on Passages in His Diary North and South
Speech of Mr R Johnson of Maryland on the Ten Regiment Bill
Minnesota Its Advantages to Settlers 1868 Being a Brief Synopsis of Its History and Progress Climate Soil Agricultural and Manufacturing Facilities Commercial Capacities and Social Status Its Lakes Rivers and Railroads Homestead and Exemption
If I Were a College Student
An Address on Scholarly Workers
Plea for the American Colonization Society A Sermon Preached in St Georges Church New-York on Sunday July 9 1826
Ralph Waldo Emerson A Memorial Address Delivered on Sunday Evening April 30th 1882
The Wars of the Gulls An Historical Romance in Three Chapters Chap I Shewing How and Why and with Whom the Gulls Went to War Chap II Shewing How the Gulls Make the Deep to Boil Like a Pot Chap III Shewing How a Certain Doughty General of the G
The Education of Girls A Public Lecture Delivered at the Charlotte Square Institution on 30 January 1889
Historical Sermon
The Christian Churchs Duty to the Freedmen A Sermon Preached on Thanksgiving Day December 7 1865 in Christ Church Reading Pa
Letter to the President and People of the United States Showing That the President Cannot Lawfully Execute an Unconstitutional Law and That the So-Called Reconstruction Acts Are Both Unconstitutional and Repugnant to the Republican Partys Original Hig
A Short Account of the People Called Quakers [Electronic Resource] Their Rise Religious Principles and Settlement in America Mostly Collected from Different Authors for the Information of All Serious Inquirers Particularly Foreigners
A Sermon on the Duty of Citizens with Respect to the Fugitive Slave Law
Free Trade in Money or Note-Shaving the Great Cause of Fraud Poverty and Ruin
An Argument for an Eight-Hour Law
An Oration Delivered Before the Washington Benevolent Society of Massachusetts of the Thirtieth Day of April 1812
The Officers and Members of the Plymouth Society of Keokuk With the Oration and Poem Delivered at the Celebration of Forefathers Day December 22nd 1858
An Oration Pronounced at the Request of the Charlestown Light Infantry Before the Republican Citizens of Charlestown on the Anniversary of American Independence July 4 1805
On a Collection of Heterocera Made in the Transvaal
A Few Remarks by Way of Reply to an Anonymous Scribbler Calling Himself a Philanthropist Disabusing the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints of the Slanders and Falsehoods Which He Has Attempted to Fasten Upon I
On the Universality of the Hom Opathic Law of Cure Part 2
Speech of Mr Rayner of North Carolina on the Question of the Reception of Abolition Petitions Delivered in the House of Representatives of the U States on Tuesday June 15 1841 Volume 1
The Battle of Fort Sumter The First Shots of the American Civil War
States of Trial Manhood in Philip Roths Post-War America
The Concept of the State in International Relations Philosophy Sovereignty and Cosmopolitanism
The Oxford Handbook of Martin Luthers Theology
Hellenistic Tragedy Texts Translations and a Critical Survey
The Wod Handbook (2nd Edition)
Theorising Integration and Assimilation
Mark Manuscripts and Monotheism Essays in Honor of Larry W Hurtado
Reading the Renaissance Culture Poetics and Drama
The Economic Effort of War
Towards Full Employment A Policy Appraisal
The Making of English Popular Culture
Reformed Orthodoxy in Scotland Essays on Scottish Theology 1560-1775
Exchange Rate Efficiency and the Behaviour of International Asset Markets
William Holman Hunt and Typological Symbolism
Gameworlds Virtual Media and Childrens Everyday Play
Accounting for Ethnic and Racial Diversity The Challenge of Enumeration
Deeper than Oblivion Trauma and Memory in Israeli Cinema
Revelations Hymns Commentary on the Cosmic Conflict
Red Kant Aesthetics Marxism and the Third Critique
Poitier Revisited Reconsidering a Black Icon in the Obama Age
Fighting Discrimination in Europe The Case for a Race-Conscious Approach
Zechariah and His Visions An Exegetical Study of Zechariahs Vision Report
Irish Ness is All Around Us Language Revivalism and the Culture of Ethnic Identity in Northern Ireland
A Show of Hands an Original Dramatic Sketch
The Distribution of Armour in Ships of War Being the Substance of 2 Lectures
Communication from the Governor and Report of the Commission Appointed by the President to Determine and Ascertain the Quota of This State Under the Different Calls for Troops
An Account of the Interviews Which Took Place on the Fourth and Eighth of March Between a Committee of the Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society and the Committee of the Legislature Volume 2
The Journal of Speculative Philosophy Volume 14
Brown Alumni Monthly Volume Vol 1 No 4
Communication from the Treasurer of the Western Shore Embracing a Correspondence with Messrs Baring
A Sermon Preached in the First Congregational Meeting-House Lexington Mass Sunday Evening April 8 1883 [A Memorial of William Harris and Maria Hastings Cary]
The Black Rose and Other Poems
An Heroic PostScript to the Public Occasioned by Their Favourable Reception of a Late Heroic Epistle to Sir William Chambers Knt C
A Gentle Touch
An Address Delivered Before the Alumni Association of the College of Physicians and Surgeons Medical Department of Columbia College New York at the Spring Commencement March 10 1864
On the Threshold (a Hillside Sketch
The Use of the Gasoline Torch in Fighting Insects and Fungi
Ireland and Poland a Comparison
A Foreword to the Panama-Pacific International Exposition
His Soul
Journal of the Proceedings of the Annual Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the State of North-Carolina [Serial] Volume 8th(1824)
The American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions
Our Minor Naval Wars
A Key to Open Heaven-Gate Or a Ready Path to Lead to Heaven
The Centenary of the Birth of Abraham Lincoln 1809-1909 Program of Exercises in Commemoration of That Event
Sermon in Memorial of REV EA Washburn Part 4
The Part Taken by the Catholics in the American Revolution
The Chateau de Rochambeau
Notes on the Bridgewater House Library
The Call of Sorrow A Poem of Destiny
A Reply to Mr Charles Ingersolls Letter to a Friend in a Slave State Volume 1
The Poets Memories and Poems of Inspiration
A Short Easy and Effectual Method to Prevent the Running of Wool C from Great-Britain and Ireland to Foreign Parts Humbly Submitted to the Consideration of Parliament
The Voices A Play in One Act
Six Statesmen of the American Revolution
The Rural School Exhibit of Oregon Standard Rural Schools Industrial Clubs Playgrounds
Letter to Ministers and Elders on the Sin of Holding Slaves and the Duty of Immediate Emancipation
Montana Livestock Sanitary Laws and Regulations of the State Livestock Sanitary Board
Rules and Forms Bankruptcy in the Distric Court of the United States District of Massachusetts January 28 1942
The Bachelors Christmas
The Utica Convention
A Vindication of General Samuel Holden Parsons Against the Charge of Treasonable Correspondence During the Revolutionary War
An Account of the American Antiquarian Society
A Brown Paper Parcel
An Appendix to the Fourth Edition of the Anatomy of the Human Body to Which Are Added Some Observations Relative to an Erroneous Statement Made by J Douglass [C] from the Edinb Med and Surg Journal
Doctrinal Preaching An Address Delivered Before the Porter Rhetorical Society in the Theological Seminary Andover September 11 1832
Narrative Report of the Town Officers of Amherst New Hampshire Volume 1881
The Honest American Voters Little Catechism for 1880
The Great Creamery Secret Process
Report of a Preliminary Survey of the Camps of a Portion of Volunteer Forces Near Washington --
The First National Boot
The Speech of Hon Don P Halsey on the Bill to Provide a Statue of Robert Edward Lee to Be Placed in Statuary Hall in the Capitol at Washington D C Delivered in the Senate of Virginia Feby 6 1903
The Rummage Sale
Questions on the Acts of the Apostles 1882-1883
The Diptychs a Prelection
The Tree Planters of America a Potent Factor for the Reforestation of the United States and Extension of Practical Arboriculture by the American Farmer Boys
History of the Organization of the United Spanish War Veterans
Address of the Union State Central Committee of Pennsylvania
The Perfect Dressmaking System
The Elite Instruction Book
Annual Repor Volume 1911-12
An Address to the Inhabitants of the State of Delaware
The Effect of Civil War Upon the Rights of Persons and of Property
Protection of Freedmen Actual Condition of the Rebel States
A Book of Verse
The Prisoner of the Mill Or Captain Haywards Body Guard
The Conflict of Truth a Sermon Preached in the First Presbyterian Church Camden NJ April 30 1865 Volume 1
Central America and Transit Between the Oceans
The Triumph of Grace Or Recollections [By E Hay] of a Peaceful Deathbed [Sc That of WG Hay Earl of Erroll]
Allopathy and Homeopathy Before the Judgement of Common Sense
The Testing of Corn for Seed
The Direct Action of Environment and Evolution
Soils of the Eastern United States and Their Use-- XVII the Porters Loam and Porters Black Loam
Studies on Leopardi
Notes on the Constitutional Reconstruction of the Empire
Provenzalisches Geschlossenes E Heidelberg
On Farm Lands
Joseph Dixon One of the World-Makers
Le Bossu Tome II
Notes from the Art Section of a Library with Hints on Selection and Buying
Select List of References on the Budget of Foreign Countries
Testimony of the Authenticity of the Prophecies of Richard Brothers and of His Mission to Recall the Jews
The Charter and Bye-Laws of the Geological Society of London Instituted 1807 Incorporated 1826
Khaki Rimes a Book of Soldier Verse
The Coal Supply Being the Presidential Address of Sir WG Armstrong CB LLD DCL FRS C to the Members of the North of England Institute of Mining and Mechanical Engineers
Bulletin Volume 3 Issue 5
Digest of Comments on the Pharmacopia of the United States of America and on the National Formulary 1905-1922 Volume 1
Vicious Circles in Sociology and Their Treatment
The Mineral Waters of Vittel Grande Source and Source Salee Their Nature and Uses
A Brief History of the Last Three Pastorates of the First Parish in Dedham 1860-1888 A Sermon Preached November 11 1888
Moments Notice
The Table Talk of John Selden
The Library of Congress
Sojourner Truth Prophet of Social Justice
Punisher Max The Complete Collection Vol 2
Barrafina A Spanish Cookbook
Bread Cake Doughnut Pudding Sweet and Savoury Recipes from Britains Best Baker
Llewellyns Complete Book of Chakras Your Definitive Source of Energy Center Knowledge for Health Happiness and Spiritual Evolution
The Life of Louis XVI
Urban Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services A Responsive Approach to Communities
Transnational Crime and Criminal Justice
New Street Art
Effective Techniques to Motivate Mathematics Instruction
Kathe Kollwitz and the Women of War Femininity Identity and Art in Germany during World Wars I and II
The Sea-Fight An Elegiac Poem
China Since 1949
Mommy Whats That Number on Your Arm? A-6374
Early Childhood Playgrounds Planning an outside learning environment
A Critical Companion to Lynn Nottage
The Power of Line Linea III
Understanding Anorexia Nervosa in Males An Integrative Approach
Career Transitions for Librarians Proven Strategies for Moving to Another Type of Library
California Amphibian and Reptile Species of Special Concern
Second Language Learning and Language Teaching Fifth Edition
I Want to Be a Lion
Ghosts in the Consulting Room Echoes of Trauma in Psychoanalysis
History of the New-England Emigrant Aid Company With a Report on Its Future Operations
Vindex on the Liability of the Abolitionists to Criminal Punishment and on the Duty of the Non-Slave-Holding States to Suppress Their Efforts
National Thanksgiving Services Held on Thursday December 7 1865 in the Hall of the House of Representatives
What Is the Matter with the Elms in Illinois?
Sonnets Suggested by Paintings in the Collection of Eloise Lee and Frederic Fairchild Sherman
Speech Delivered by Hon John Sherman Secretary of the Treasury at Mansfield Ohio on August 17 1877
Proportions and Values in American History An Address Delivered Before the New York Historical Society on Its One Hundred and Second Anniversary Tuesday November 20 1906
Progressive Springfield Massachusetts
White House Portraits
Hospital Bulletin Volume 9 No12
Narrative Report of the Town Officers of Amherst New Hampshire Volume 1876
Constitution and By-Laws and List of Officers and Members
Officers Committees Membership Roll Publications 1 February 1906
History of the Gable Family
A Paper Upon California Read Before the Maryland Historical Society
Annual Reports Town of Bridgewater New Hampshire Volume 1902
Annual Reports of the Town of Auburn New Hampshire Volume 1895
Union and Slavery a Thanksgiving Sermon Delivered in the Presbyterian Church Clarksville Tennessee November 28th 1850
Some Aspects of Politics in the Middle West 1860-72
Soil Treatment for Wheat in Rotations with Special Reference to Southern Illinois Soils
Monument to Memory of William Campbell
Soil Treatment for Peaty Swamp Lands Including Reference to Sand and Alkali Soils
Hope for Our Country a Sermon Preached in the South Church Salem October 19 1862
Plea for a Missionary Brotherhood in India A Letter Addressed to the Regius Professor of Pastoral Theology in Oxford Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
The Oxford Handbook of Nietzsche
Choix de Testamens Anciens Et Modernes Remarquables Par Leur Importance Singulariti Tome 2
Dijon Histoire Et Tableau Des Temps Les Plus Reculis i lAssemblie Nationale Ligislative de 1849
Bond 11+ English Maths Non-verbal Reasoning Verbal Reasoning Assessment Papers 7-8 years Bundle
Universiti de Grenoble Faculti de Droit Les itats-Unis Et La Doctrine de Monroe Thise
Amusemens Philologiques Ou Variitis En Tous Genres 3e idition Revue Corrigie Et Augmentie
Bibliographie Des iditions de Simon de Colines 1520-1546
Traiti Des Testaments Codicilles Donations Cause de Mort Dispositions de Derniire Volonti Tome 2
Guide Pratique Du Jeune ilive En Pharmacie Contre-itiquettes Pharmaceutiques
Bond 11+ English Maths Non-verbal Reasoning Verbal Reasoning Assessment Papers 9-10 years Bundle
Society and Politics in Wilhelmine Germany
Ken To be destroyed
Monographie de lUnion Du Sud-Est Des Syndicats Agricoles
Robert Winthrop Chanler
Cahiers Des Paroisses Du Bailliage dAuxerre Pour Les itats-Giniraux de 1789 Texte Complet
Notices Sur La Nouvelle Nomenclature Des Rues de la Rochelle Par Plusieurs Citoyens de Cette Commune
Introduction i litude Comparative Des Langues Indo-Europiennes
The German Peasantry Conflict and Community in Rural Society from the Eighteenth to the Twentieth Centuries
LOrdre Des Trinitaires Pour Le Rachat Des Captifs Tome 2
Coutumes Ginirales Et Locales Du Pais Et Duchi de Bourbonnois Tome 2
Report of the Commissioners Appointed by Authority of the City Council To Examine the Sources from Which a Supply of Pure Water May Be Obtained for the City of Boston
Catalogue of a Portion of a Gentlemans Library and the Duplicates of the Linnean Society Which Will Be Sold by Auction
Salesmanship and Co-Operation
Civic Art in Northern Europe A Report to the Art Commission of the City of New York October 12 1903
Two Sermons Preached in the Cathedral Church of Salisbury The First on the 5th of Nov the Second on the 7th of Nov 1710
The Niger A Prize Poem Recited in the Theatre Oxford June XII M DCCC L
Abraham Lincoln An Address Delivered Before the Lincoln Memorial Meeting of the Maldraugh District Medical Association Held at the Lincoln Farm Near Hodgensville La Rue County KY on the 7th Day of September 1916 Volume 2
Classification of Raw Silk by Mechanical Tests
Pontes [Elementary Latin Exercises by SA Donaldson and E Lyttelton]
List of Books in the National Art Library South Kensington Museum on Anatomy Human and Comparative
Notes on an Informal Talk on Book Illustrations Inside and Out Given Before the Boston Art Students Association Feb 14 1894
Report of Reconstruction Commission of Public Improvements Inprogress Not Started and Contemplated Cities April 14 1919
An Address Pronounced in the Representatives Hall Montpelier 24th October 1850 Before the Vermont Historical Society in the Presence of Both Houses of the General Assembly
Indian Summer A Comedy in One Act
How to Extend the Usefulness of Public Libraries A Plea for Uniformity
Abstract of Reports of the Condition of Montana State Banks Trust Companies and Private Banks Volume 1972-77
Apollo Anglicanus the English Apollo
State Finances
Address of John Dwyer
General William Henry Harrison Candidate of the People for President of the United States
An Essay on Malpractice Read by Appointment Before the Luzerne County Medical Society at Wilkes-Barre January 8th 1879
What about Progress? An Address Delivered at the Drexel Institute on the Occasion of the Spring Celebration 1916
General Method of Solving Equations of All Degrees Applied Particularly to Equations of the Second Third Fourth and Fifth Degrees
Some Recent Statements and Other Matter Concerning Sir Walter Scott
Plato or Protagoras? Being a Critical Examination of the Protagoras Speech in the Theaetetus with Some Remarks Upon Error
Une Edition Populaire de La Vie de Jesus de M Renan
The Spring Valley Purchase Facts Figures Agruments
Report of Committee Appointed by the Board of Trustees to Confer with the Bursar as to the Capital and Income Accounts and Other Matters Connected with the Administration of His Office Adopted November 8th 1893
Catalogue of the Library of Murrays Royal Institution Perth
Memorandum on Solid Lubricants
Governor Johnstons [!] Speech on American Affairs On the Address in Answer to the Kings Speech 1776
The Duties of Parents A Discourse Preached in Christ Church Cincinnati January 17 1831
Americanism An Address by the Honorable MT Dooling Delivered at the Bohemian Club on the Occasion of American Night Tuesday September 24 1918
Windermere A Poem And Sonnets
Scenes from the Birds of Aristophanes
Brazos Colorado Rivers in Texas Hearings
Colchester Church Trusts Gifts and Grants from David Sears to the REV Vicar and Church-Wardens of St Peters Church Colchester and Their Successors
Proposals for a Course of Lectures on the Principles and Practice of the Law of England as Applicable to Civil Actions To Be Delivered in Furnivals Inn Hall
Memorial Address Upon the Late James G Blaine Delivered Before the House of Representatives and Invited Guests on February 23 1893
A Virtuous Woman The Bond of Domestic Union and the Source of Domestic Happiness
On the Application of Christianity to Politics
Bicycle Kodaks
Report of the Committee on Production of the New York State Food Investigating Commission April 18 1913
Fenelons Conversations with M de Ramsai on the Truth of Religion with His Letters on the Immortality of the Soul and the Freedom of the Will
Population Deaths from Various Diseases in the City of Panama by Months Years from November 1883 to August 1906 Number of Employees Deaths from Various Diseases Among Employees of the French Canal Companies by Months Years from January 18
Problems in the Teaching of Secondary Mathematics An Address Delivered Before the New England Association of Teachers of Mathematics
Verses by Two Undergraduates
Montana Farm Review
How to Fish Hints on Angling Specially Adapted for Birmingham Amateur Anglers
Ten Sonnets
Eigenart Des Preussischen Staats Die
Of the Immortality of the Soul a Poem
The Skylark and Adonais
The Appeal of the Religious Society of Friends in Pennsylvania New Jersey Delaware Etc to Their
Uber Gesetzmassigkeiten Und Eigentumlichkeiten in Der Struktur Der Dritten Cyanbandengruppe
An Address Delivered at the Annual Meeting of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania
Hannah Jane
A Four Year Course in French for High Schools
The Origin and Nature of the Representative and Federative Institutions of the United States of Amer
At the Gate of Dreams
Kirby Muxloe Castle Near Leicester
How to Attract Birds in Northeastern United States
Letter to Lemuel Shattuck of Boston from Josiah Adams of Framingham In Vindication of the Claims
Proceedings at the Dedication of the Soldiers and Sailors Monument by the City Council of Charlest
The Facts as to the Philippine Islands Compiled for the Enlightenment of the American People
Jubilee Year A L 5907 Shekinah Lodge No 241 1857-1907 A F and A Masons Instituted October 7 1857 Carbondale Illinois
School Catalog 1914-1915
Macmillan Mathematics Level 6 Teachers ebook Pack
The Charter of the City of Richmond
Regulations Concerning Right of Way Over Public Lands and Reservations for Canals Ditches and Reservoirs and Use of Right of Way for Various Purposes
The Cleveland Technical High School Its Inception Plans for Building and Equipment Together with an Outline of the Course of Study to Be Pursued
Catalogue of Howard College Session of 1855 - 1856
Designing Regenerative Cultures
Count the Cost an Address to the People of Connecticut on Sundry Political Subjects and Particularly on the Propositionn for a New Constitutionn
Recommendations for Proposed Merger Ordinance for Surface and Elevated Railway Properties in the City of Chicago
State and Territorial Laws Relative to Foul Brood
Education and Evolution
School Catalog 1894-1895
Crosses of War
SPSS for Psychologists And Everybody Else
Annual Report National Institutes of Health Division of Research Services Volume 1984 PTa
Bridging the Gap The Transfer Class
Eulogy of Cornelius Conway Felton LLD C One of the Regents of the Smithsonian Institution
Essay on Ultra Vires
School Catalog 1915-1916
Chaucers Pronunciation and the Spelling of the Ellesmere MS
The European War and Our Opportunity in Foreign Trade
Speech of Hon Jefferson Davis of Mississippi
The Recognition of the Chinese Republic Address of Major Louis Livingston Seaman Delivered at the Conference on Recent Developments in China Held at Clark University Worcester November 13th 1912
Model Diet Tables
Reform Substance of the Speech in the House of Commons 1 March 1831 on the Motion of Lord John Russell for a Reform in the Representation
Annual Report National Center for Research Resources Volume 1994 PT1
Conditions of Success in Public Life An Address Delivered in Sanders Theatre Before the Students of Harvard University Honor Day Nov 21 1900
Music Sung by the Alumni at the Two Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary of the Foundation of Harvard University November Seventh 1636-1886
Reconstruction of the Negro Race
Life of Nathaniel T Otis Jr Who Died August 14 1849 Aged 19 Years Being Part of an Introductory Lecture Delivered Before the Medical Class of the University of Buffalo at the Opening of the Session of 1849-50
Vocabulary of Forest Terms Siviculture Forest Protection Forest Utilization Found in Schwappachs Forstwissenschaft
Colorado Cook Book
Life of Dickens
Miners Wash and Change Houses
Catalogue of Cumberland University Volume 1872-73
The Yale Courant Volume 29 Issue 4
Records of the Jews in Rome and Their Inscriptions from Ancient Catacombs A Paper Read Before the Literary and Philosophical Society of Liverpool November 18 1895
Constitution of the Provincial County and Primary Lodges of the Order of British Templars
Toronto Branch of the Imperial Federation League in Canada
Registration Regulations Prescribed by the President Under Authority of the Act of Congress Approved May 18 1917
An ACT for the Relief and Release of Poor Distressed Prisoners for Debt or Dammages
Eugenic Education for Women and Girls
[Constitution and By-Laws of The] New York Athenaeum
Regimental History of the United States Regular Army Chronological Outline 1866-1918
A Descriptive Reading on the White Mountains
Anthropological Scraps No 1-5 Sept 10 1919-Dec 5 1921
The Road to Destruction Made Easy in Chicago
The Pharisees Fastings a Lent Lecture
Observations on the Medicinal Springs of Harrogate
Beitrag Zur Lehre Vom Trodelcontract Ein Civilistischer Versuch
Abraham Lincoln An Address Delivered Before the Lincoln Memorial Meeting of the Maldraugh District Medical Association Held at the Lincoln Farm Near Hodgensville La Rue County KY on the 7th Day of September 1916 Volume 1
Inaugural Programme
The Tobacco Story
The Admission of Kansas
The Constitution of Phillips Academy in Andover
An Address Delivered on Laying the Corner Stone of a Monument to Pulaski in the City of Savannah
Joint Report of the United States and British Commissioners on the Alaskan-Canadian Boundary
The Causes of the American Civil War
The Presidential Election
An Oration Delivered at the Request of the Washington Society at the City of Boston July 4 1832
The Beautiful Caverns of Luray Luray Virginia
Remarks of Hon Clarkson N Potter Delivered at the Celebration at Tammany Hall July 4 1871
Barley in the Great Plains Area
The Trans-Isthmian Canal A Study in American Diplomatic History (1825-1904)
The Meadow Song
A Sermon Preached June 12 1799 Before His Honor Moses Gill Esquire Lieutenant Governor and Commander in Chief
The Analysis of Light
Evangelical Preaching (Commonly So Denominated) Its Character Errors and Tendency In a Letter
A Lecture Delivered at the US National Museum
British National Forestry
The Decline Fall of the Public Library of Cincinnati
The Present Condition of Tewksbury
A Song of the Christ
The Regeneration of Nerve and Muscle in the Small Intestine
An Arithmetic Treatment of Some Problems in Analysis Situs Volume 21
The Battles of the Frogs and Mice by the Singing Mouse
The Story of Queen Anelida and the False Arcite
A Statement of Reasons for Believing That a Cheaper and Stronger Gun Can Be Made of Cast-Iron Than by the Combination of Wrought-Iron and Cast-Iron Adopted by the Ordnance Department in Its Recent Constructions
King Edward VII as a Man and Monarch A Memorial Address
A Sermon [On Job XII910] Preached in the Parish Church of St Nicholas Deptford the 6th of June 1814 Before the Honourable Corporation of Trinity Brethren
Annual Report of the Resident Physician of the City of New York for 1865 Presented to the Board of Commissioners of Health at Their Meeting January 4 1866
Select List of Recent Purchases Science
Books in Camp Trench and Hospital
The Electrolytic Determination of Manganese and Its Seperation from Zinc and Iron
The Yale Literary Magazine Volume 26 Issue 3
A Few Additional Notes Concerning Indian Games
A Comparative View of the Existing Tariff of Duties on Goods Imported from Foreign Countries
The Fate of a Famous Picture
A Discouse
The Forest Question in New Zealand
A Treatise on the Capability of Our Eastern Possessions to Produce Those Articles of Consumption and Raw Material for British Manufacture for Which We Chiefly Depend on Foreign Nations and the Incalculable Advantages of a Free Trade to and Settlement I
An Archaeological Epistle to Jeremiah Milles
Pagliacci = Clowns
Lest We Forget 1917-1919
North Carolina Farms for Sale Mountain Section
Keble College Occasional Papers Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
Symbolism in Ancient American Art
Daughters of the American Revolution Nabby Lee Ames Chapter
Case of the Seizure of the Southern Envoys Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
Address of Theo W Bean of Norristown Penn
Picturesque Niagara
Reform in New York City Address to the People of the City of New York by the Citizens Association of New York Together with Resolutions of Confidence and Thanks Tendered to the Officers of the Citizens Association
Inaugural Lecture Read Before the University of Oxford in the Divinity School on Thursday March 17th 1836
Have the People of the District of Columbia Any Rights That Congress Is Bound to Respect? Speech of Hallet Kilbourn Delivered at Lincoln Hall
Abolition of the Bonus System in the Indian Army Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
Sketches of the Early Lights of the Litchfield Bar
Fruktbart Farmland I Texas
Gimme Them Papers!
Alleged Overloading of Ships Mr Chamberlains Speech to the Deputation of Shipowners on the 8th March 1883 and the Correspondence Resulting Therefrom With Other Matter Bearing on the Subject Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
Abraham Lincoln Proceedings in the Supreme Court of Illinois
Benedict Arnold
No Sabe
Brown Alumni Monthly Volume Vol 5 No 6
Biennial Report of the Register of State Lands of the State of Montana for the Fiscal Years Volume 1917-18
Routes of the Missouri River Illinois River and Northern Lakes with Descriptions of Towns General Features of the Country Statistics Tables of Distances C C
Effects of Tobacco on the Soul or on the Transcendent Manifestations of Life Its Influence on Criminality Suicide Sudden Death Insanity
Dies Irae As Rendered Into English
Housing Farm Help
Hudibras Redivivus Or a Burlesque Poem on the Times
The Sandwich Islands A Prize Poem Recited in the Theatre Oxford June 15 1841
Hocken Library Facsimile Issue 5
Nevves from Virginia -- The Lost Flocke -- Triumphant -- With the Happy Arriuall of That Famous and -- Worthy Knight Sr Thomas Gates And the Well-Reputed Valiant Captaine Mr Chri- -- Stopher Newporte and Others -- Into England -- With the Maner
The Earl of Mar Marrd With the Humours of Jockey the Highlander A Tragi-Comical Farce
National Bankruptcy Law Approved July 1 1898 Uniform System of Bankruptcy
Catalogue of Books Manuscripts Maps Added to the Library Since Jan 1839
Appendix to First Principles [By HS]
Our Ancestors
Mr Somes Inventions for the Preservation of Food Animal or Vegetable For the Cooling of Hotels Theatres Halls Churches and All Other Buildings Ventilation Etc Etc
Remarks on the Principles Adopted by Bishop Lowth in Correcting the Text of the Hebrew Bible
Sketches of Mr Mrs Stephen Ridgley
A Sermon Preached Before the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America By Appointment of Their Standing Committee of Missions May 19 1806
South Dakota State House Laying of the Corner Stone by Grand Master Joseph J Davenport the Masonic Grand Lodge of the State
Small Talks on Auction Bridge
Supplement to Laws Relating to Elections Containing Laws Enacted by the General Court During the Session of 1914
Address of the Louisiana Native American Association To the Citizens of Louisiana and the Inhabitants of the United States
Macte Lister Triumphator!
What Bad Housing Means to the Community
An Address Delivered Before the City Government and Citizens of Roxbury At the Consecration of the Cemetery at Forest Hills June 28 1848
Where to Find It An Index to Sources of Information on All Subjects of General Interest
Address to the New Generation
The Functions of Our Cathedrals A Letter in Answer to an Enquiry Addressed to the Deans of Cathedral Churches by the Lord Archbishop of Canterbury and the Lord Archbishop of York Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
Rays of the Eastern Star [Poems]
Oration Delivered Before the Chamberlain Philosophical and Literary Society of Centre College on the Fourth of July 1835
Recent Experiences and Impressions in Russia
Inauguration of the State Capitol at Des Moinse Iowa
Expulsion of the President
A Fruitful Exhortation Against the Fear of Death
London A Poem in Imitation of the Third Satire of Juvenal [By S Johnson]
Young Girl And Other Poems
A Sermon Against Contention and Brawling
Colonial Development An Address
What Is Unconditional Unionism?
Godward A Record of Religious Progress
The Old and New Ministry Compard as to These Three Grand Points I Bribery and Corruption from France II a Partition of the Spanish Monarchy III the Plea of the Prerogative of the Crown in Making Peace War and Alliances
Union or Separation? With Some Remarks Upon Numbers 1 and 2 of the New Series of S Giless Lectures Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
A Discourse Delivered in the First Baptist Church
An Appeal to the American Congress The Bible Law of Marriage Against Mormonism
Tubatulabal and Kawaiisu Kinship Terms
Some Reflections on a Pamphlet Lately Publishd Entituled an Argument Shewing That a Standing Army Is Inconsistent with a Free Government
Two Letters in Relation to the Doctrines and Condition as Well as Order and Usages of the Society of Friends
Christian Worship An Historical Sketch Lecture on the Baugher Foundation Delivered June 7 1892 in the Theological Seminary Gettysburg Pa
Erdbeben Und Vulkane Oeffentlicher Vortrag Gehalten in Dem Vom Lehrercollegium Der Kgl Hoheren Gewerbeschule Zu Kassel Im Winter 1873 74 Veranstalteten Vorlesungscyclus Issue 202
Peter A Farce in One Act
Address Federal Valuation of the Railways to the Trust Company Section the American Bankers Association
Vedanta Magazine Volume 4
Western Medical Review Volume 4 Issue 5
Address of Hon William Whiting Before the Boston Highlands Grant Club August 5 1868
Report of the Directors and Officers Issue 60
Sound and Notion in Wordsworths Poetry
Utilization of ELM
Diss Hist de Clodovaeo Magno Ex Rationibus Politicis Christiano
[Report] Volume 03
Disp Inaug Iur de EO Quod Iustum Est Circa Vectigalia
The Palace Martyr [Lady FE Rawdon-Hastings]! a Satire by the Hon * * *
Ad Iulii Paulli Ex Libro Singulari de Iure Singulari Reliqua
Revision of the Jumping Mice of the Genus Zapus Issues 15-19
A Discourse Commemorative of the Character and Life of the Late REV Sam Miller of Princeton New Jersey
Report Relating to Aggressions Upon the Rights of the State [Of Maine] and of Individual Citizens Thereof
Report of the Special Tax Commission of the State of New Jersey Appointed by the Governor According to the Provisions of an ACT Approved March 14 1879
The Forty Thieves
REV Fr Rooneys Oration on St Patricks Day Delivered at St Dominics Church San Francisco 1878
Gotham Ambrotypes Or Sketches from Life A Satirical Poem in Three Cantos
Founders Day at Hampton An Address in Memory of Samuel Chapman Armstrong
Addresses of President Wilson at Detroit Mich to the Salesmanship Congress Volume 1
The New Scheme of American Finance
The Curse Causelesss A Sermon Preachd at Exon Jan 30 1716 17
An Address Delivered in Springfield Oct 7 and Northampton Oct 14 Before the Agricultural Societies of Hampshire Franklin and Hampden Counties at Their Anniversary Fairs 1847
Natural Woods--And How to Finish Them
A Discourse Delivered at the Request of the American Revolution Society Before the Society and the State of Society of the Cincinnati on the Death of Gen Christopher Gadsden September 10 1805
William Blackstone Bostons First Inhabitant
Class of Eighty-Five
Aspiration and Realization
New Light on the Old Prayer
An Address Before the Phi Beta Kappa Society of Harvard University July 1 1886
A Serious Address on Certain Important Points of Evangelical Doctrine and of Christian Duty Being the Substance of a Sermon Delivered at Woolwich in Kent
University of California Record Volume 1 No1
A Sermon Delivered at the Installation of REV Frederick Freeman
On the Philosophy of History An Address Delivered to the Historical Society University of Glasgow
Vinisius to Nigra A 4th Cent Christian Letter Written in South Britain and Discovered at Bath
A Second Letter on the Corn Laws To the Manchester Chamber of Commerce
Theodore Roosevelt
A Fox in a Trap
A Journal of the Expedition to Quebec in the Year 1775 Under the Command of Colonel Benedict Arnol
The Case of Dr Bentley Regius Professor of Divinity Farther Stated and Vindicated in Answer to a Second Part of the Full and Impartial Account of the Proceedings C
F R 1833-1900
Two Letters to His Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury on the Origin and Progress of the Ecclesiast
The Damnation of Faust A Dramatic Legend in Four Parts French and English Libretto with Synopsis
A Note on the Teaching of English Language and Literature with Some Suggestions
Jesus on Love to God Jesus on Love to Man
Robert Louis Stevenson a Study by A B with a Prelude a Postlude by LIG
New England Poultry Journal Volume 9 Issue 7
A Discourse on the Law of Retaliation
Ode to Napoleon Buonaparte
State Street a Brief Account of a Boston Way
General Catalogue of the Alumni and Former Students of Hanover College
An Epilogue to the Praise of Angus and Other Poems
Selectmens Report
Report Upon the Sanitary Quality of the Owens River Water Supply Delivered to Consumers in Los Angeles Through the Los Angeles Aqueduct System
Detailed Plans and Instructions for Organizing and Operating a Co-Operative Delivery System
Sprach-Atlas Von Nord- Und Mitteldeutschland Auf Grund Von Systematisch Mit Hulfe Der Volksschulleh
Proceedings of the Wiscasset Fire Society at Its Quarterly Meeting Volume 1
Diss de Modo Probabiliori Quo Primae in Americam Septentrionalem Immigrationes Sunt Factae
Mans Righteousness No Cause or Part of His Justification a Sermon Extr from the Works of J Simpson [By W Cudworth]
The Lie A Play in Four Acts
Manual of Rules and Regulations of the State Board of Forestry
Prayers Deprecating the Just Anger of God and the Visitation of the Cholera
The Aquarium Volume V 3 No 33 Oct 1894
The Home of Evangeline
True Science Confirming Genesis Ed by T Greene
Annual Reports of the Selectmen and Superintending School Committee of the Town of Franklin Volume 1883
The Struggle for Freedom in Kansas
A Sermon Preached at Friends Meeting-House Burlington New-Jersey on the 10th of the Fifth Month 1822
Method for Differentiating and Estimating Unbleached Sulphite and Sulphate Pulps in Paper
The Iris
The Church of England and Five of Her Societies a Sermon
Telephones 1907
Regulations Respecting Buildings in Dominion Parks
Pageant of Palos
A Sermon Delivered at Westfield November 18th 1817 At the Funeral of Maj Gen William Shepard Aged Eighty
Antiquities of America the First Inhabitants of Central America and the Discovery of New-England by the Northmen Five Hundred Years Before Columbus Lectures Delivered in New York and Other Cities
A Short Description of Pennsilvania
The Golden City Coming
The Geneva Convention of 1906 for the Amelioration of the Condition of the Wounded in Armies in the Field
Geography of Groton 1886
The Pretty Gentleman Or Softness of Manners Vindicated from the False Ridicule Exhibited Under the Character of William Fribble Esq
An Oration Commemorative of American Independence
University Extension and the Poor Scholar Question A Letter to the REV E Woollcombe
Alpha de Laval Baby Cream Separators
Twenty Sonnets to California and Other Subjects
Narrative Report of the Town Officers of Amherst New Hampshire Volume 1877
The Freedom Speech of Wendell Phillips Faneuil Hall December 8 1837 with Descriptive Letters from Eye Witnesses
A Sketch of the Colonization Enterprise and of the Soil Climate and Production of Liberia in Africa Volume 2
The War as Viewed by a Liberal Englishman (with Some Special Words to German-Americans and Pacifists)
Fable Inedite de La Fontaine
A Historical Sermon Delivered on the Occasion of the One Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary of the First Congregational Church Lebanon Conn
McGraw-Hill Education ACT 2017 Cross-Platform Prep Course
Memorial and Petition for Liberty Presented to the President of the United States and to the Peace Conference in Paris
Letter to the Prince Consort as Lord Warden of the Duchy of Cornwall with Reference to the Determination of the Suit of Her Majestys Attorney General V Lord Vivian
Argument with Statement of Facts Sworn To and Citations from the Constitution and Laws of Louisiana to Show That the Temporary and Permanent Organization of the House of Representatives of the State of Louisiana on the 4th of January 1875 Under Whic
By the Brook
The Modern Art of Taming Wild Horses Also a Number of Valuable Receipts
Annals of the Early Protestant Churches at Superior
The Boys of Today Timely Words of Encouragement from Personal Letters of Eminent Men
Andersons Farmers Guide
A Clean Peace
The Statesmen of France and the English Alliance
George Washington an Address Delivered Before the Legislature of New Jersey
Annual Report of the Trustees Volume 10
Memoirs of the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard College Cambridge Mass Volume 26 No 6
A Syllabus of Household Management
An ACT for the Releif of Needy Confederate Soldiers and Sailors
Indian Territory
The Menace of a Premature Peace An Address
Some Experiments with Subsoiling
The Father of Representative Government in America
The Land of Manatee
The Cows Medicine Chest
Blue Lakes to Golden Gates
History of the Battle of Breeds Hill
Sketches in and about Portland Maine Volume 2
The Spirit of the West a Dream of 1915
A Sermon Preachd in the Audience of His Excellency William Shirley the Honourable His Majestys Council and the House of Representatives of the Province of the Massachusetts-Bay in New-England May 29 1754 by Jonathan Mayhew
Tobacco Diseases and Tobacco Breeding
The Crimes of the Times A Test of Newspaper Decency
Sketch of Mound Cemetery Marietta Ohio
There Is No Night and Other Verse
The World Conflict a Prophetic Vision
Marys Vision
A Graduated Scale for Determining Mental Age
Old Sleuth Badger Co
Abraham Lincoln and His Last Resting Place Volume 1
Where We Used to Fish
Silk Culture a Hand-Book for Silk-Growers
Annual Report Volume 2
A Funeral Oration on the Death of President Zachary Taylor
Parliamentary Reform A Full and Accurate Report of the Proceedings at the Meeting Held at the Crown and Anchor Tavern on Monday the 1st of May 1809 Relative to a Reform in the Commons House of Parliament Sir Francis Burdett Bart in the Chair
Notes on Frost
Besika Bay a Dialogue After the Manner of Lucian in Lat Elegiacs
Letter from the Treasurer of the State to the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives Transmitting His Annual Report on the State of the Finances December 31 182
Recollections of a Chinese Official With Some Sidelights on Recent History Edited and Arranged
The Religious Uses of Memory A Sermon
Tribute to the Memory of Lord Byron Supposed to Be Written in the Sculpture Room of the Society of Arts Birmingham
Full Exposure of the Conduct of Dr Charles T Jackson Leading to His Discharge from the Government Service and Justice to Messrs Foster and Whitney U S Geologists
The Lottery Ticket and the Lawyers Clerk A Farce
On Some Recent Advances in the Surgery of the Urinary Organs
The Secret History of Arlus and Odolphus Ministers of State to the Empress of Grandinsula in Which Are Discoverd the Labourd Artifices Formerly Usd for the Removal of Arlus and the True Causes of His Late Restoration Upon the Dismission of Odolphus
Pictures in a Mirror
Proposal for the Publication of a New English Dictionary
Quarterly of the Colorado School of Mines Volume 3 Issue 4
Holiness in the Priests Household Essential to the Holiness of the Parish a Plain Address to My Household by a Clergyman
Rules for the Decision of Courses a Revision of Thackers Rules
A Sermon Preached at Brandon (VT) on the Sixth Anniversary of the Northwestern Branch of the American Education Society Jan 11 1826
Our Northern Frontier Being Observations on the Recent Advances of Russia Towards Hindoostan and the Prospects of Trade with Central Asia
Address to Friends in America
Message of the President of the Republic on Opening the Argentine Congress
Idle-Time Rime
I Want to Be a Bald Eagle
The Philosophies of Richard Wagner
The Anglo-Irish Agreement Rethinking its Legacy
AQA A Level Biology Revision Guide
Better Late than Never The Reparative Therapeutic Relationship in Regression to Dependence
Prague of Charles Iv 1316 - 1378
The India Connection
Spider Web The Birth of American Anticommunism
I Want to Be a Great White Shark
Reimagining the Academic Library
Education and Training for Rural Transformation Skills Jobs Food and Green Future to Combat Poverty
3D Origami Art
Foggy Mountain Troubadour The Life and Music of Curly Seckler
Fingerprint Vehicles
Happiness and the Christian Moral Life An Introduction to Christian Ethics
NKJV Apply the Word Study Bible Leathersoft Black Red Letter Edition Live in His Steps
Malorys Anatomy of Chivalry Characterization in the Morte Darthur
Address Delivered Before the Young Ladies of Greensboro Female College 14th May 1856
How Schools and Districts Meet Rigorous Standards Through Authentic Intellectual Work Lessons From the Field
A Guide to Early Years and Primary Teaching
A Sermon Preached in the Beneficent Congregational Church Providence September 29 1839 Occasioned by the Death of REV James Wilson
Sketch of the Life of Horace Greeley with Brief Extracts from His Writings and Biographical Notes
Help Me or I Perish! The Plea for Penitentiaries A Sermon Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
Sermon Preached at Central Falls RI November 26th 1848 At the Funeral of Mrs Elizabeth R Thatcher
The Old in the New Or the Position and Policy of the Presbptreian Church in the United States A Discourse Delivered at the Opening of the General Assembly
Dismemberment No Remedy An Address Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
Memoria Della Parte Civile Resistente Al Ricorso Di Tullio Murri
An Oration Delivered Before the Citizens of Buffalo July 5th 1852
Address of Honorable Charles H Brough Governor of Arkansas at Annual Meeting Missouri Bar Association at Saint Louis September 20th 1918
Yea Alabama! A Peek into the Past of One of the Most Storied Universities in the Nation The University of Alabama (Volume 1 - 1819 through 1871 - Second Edition)
The Gospel of the Typical Servitude
Account of Ruth Anna Lindley A Minister of the Gospel in the Religious Society of Friends
A Charge Delivered at the Ordinary Visitation of the Archdeaconry of Surrey November 1842 Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
Verses to the Memory of the Late Richard Reynolds of Bristol
The Policy of Trinity Parish A Sermon Preached in Trinity Church New York on Low Sunday April 18th 1909
Speech of Major-General John A Logan on Return to Illinois After Capture of Vicksburg
Narrative of a Revival of Religion in the Third Presbyterian Church in Baltimore With Remarks on Subjects Connected with Revivals in General
Heart Throbs for God
How a Free People Conduct a Long War A Chapter from English History
Organization and Cooperation Are the Only Hopes for the Black Man in This Country
A Sermon Preached at the Quakers Meeting House in Gracechurch-Street London Eighth Month 12th 1694 Salvation from Sin by Christ Alone
An Answer to a Scandalous Libel Entitled the Impertinence and Imposture of Modern Antiquaries Displayd Or a Refutation of the Reverend Mr Wises Letter to Dr Mead Concerning the White Horse and Other Antiquities in Berkshire
An Address Occasioned by the Opposition Which Originated in Cincinnati Ohio Against the Attempts to Stop the Sabbath Mails Delivered in the Associate Reformed Church in Hamilton on the Last Sabbath in Dec 1829
The Irish Absentee A Farce in Two Acts
The Chickens of Fowl Farm A Story
The Crisis and Our Duties
The Abolition Cause Eventually Triumphant Volume 2
The Views and Meditations of John Brown Volume 2
Strictures on a Sermon Preached Before the Presbyterian Church at Cheraw SC Jan 20 1839 by J C Coit
Some Phases of Reading in the Elementary School Reprinted from the Series Published in the Educational Journal
In Memoriam REV Stephen Torrey A Discourse at the Presbyterian Church Honesdale Pa
Forty Years After the Greatness of Abraham Lincoln An Address Delivered at the Lincoln Monument on Decoration Day May 30 1905
I Consiglieri Comunali E Provinciali Sono Pubblici Ufficiali?
Sketches from the History of Pennsylvania C Intended for the Information of That Numerous Class of Christians Who Denounce War in General as a Great Evil But Who Consider Defensive War as Allowable and Unavoidable
A Sermon Delivered September 14 1825 At the Ordination of Samuel H Peckham in Gray Maine [With Charge]
Building Lives Four Chapters in Christian Education
A Scriptural Argument in Favor of Withdrawing Fellowship from Churches and Ecclesiastical Bodies Tolerating Slaveholding Among Them
The Right and Duty of Christianity to Educate Inaugural Address of John M Gregory Delivered at
The Sabbath Question Sermon Delivered Before Congregation Oheb Shalom Baltimore MD
The Devils Progress A Poem
The Battle of Syracuse
What One School Did and How It Did It
The Sovereign in the Street and Other Poems
Bigamy and Polygamy Review of the Opinion of the Supreme Court of the United States Rendered at the October Term 1878 in the Case of George Reynolds Plaintiff in Error vs the United States Defendent in Error
Fiftieth Anniversary of the First Congregational Church in Wellesley Hills Wednesday Evening February 24 1897
The Life and Character of the Late REV Isaac M Cook
An Introductory Lecture on Political Economy
The Danger and the Evils of Disestablishment and the Duty of Churchmen at the Present Crisis Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
A Little Fowl Play A Farcial Comedy in One Act
Sermon Preached After the Death of Cornelia F Fiske By Her Father and Before the Removal of the Second Church
A Discourse on the Assassination of President Lincoln Delivered in the First Presbyterian Church Lansingburgh NY on Sabbath Evening April 16 1865
The Study of Latin in the Preparatory Course
History Its Place in a Liberal Education Address
The Rest Cure A Play in One Act
What I Saw in England and France
Address of John Pease to Friends in America
A Letter to Archdeacon Hare on the Judgment in the Gorham Case Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
The Past Present and Future of the Society of Friends
One Hundred Years of Peace
Phillips Brooks An Appreciation
The Lily of Malud and Other Poems
Ceremonies at the Unveiling of Monument to William H Herndon
Our Need of a Catholic Church
Theodora A Christmas Pastoral
Serious Considerations on the High Duties Examind Addressed to Sir Matthew Decker
The True Position of REV Theodore Parker Being a Review of REV RC Waterstons Letter in the Fourth Quarterly Report of the Benevolent Fraternity of Churches
Jehovah God of Battles Up to Date The German God
Thoughts on the French Revolution A Sermon Delivered November 20 1794 Being the Day of Annual Thanksgiving
Congregational Michigan Volume 3 Issue 2
John Hay Scholar Statesman An Address Delivered Before the Alumni Association of Brown University June 19 1906
Studien Uber Das Stockholmer Homilienbuch Eine Kritik Von Sievers Eddametrik
The Olive and the Pine
Salad for the Young Ladies Gentlemen of Douglas Isle of Man
Laying the Rails for Future Business Address
Historical Sketch of the Life of Edward Biddle Latch
Important Discoveries in Plane and Solid Geometry Consisting of the Relation of Polygons to Circles and the Equalizing of Perimeters to Circumferences and Drawing Curved Lines Equal to Straight Lines the Trisection of an Angle and the Duplication of the
Some Double Halides of Zinc
Publications Volume 20
Rules and Regulations Relating to the Anchorage of Vessels in the Port of New York April 25 1907
Considerations on the African Trade
The Birth-Places of Americanism
The Imperial Peace An Ideal in European History
Gen Grant Or the Star of Union and Liberty A Play in Three Acts
War Service of the American Library Association Volume 2 Issue 1
University of the State of New York Bulletin Issue 502
Journal of Materia Medica Volume 21 Issue 12
The Great American Question Democracy vs Doulocracy Or Free Soil Free Labor Free Men Free Speech Against the Extension and Domination of the Slaveholding Interest a Letter Addressed to Each Freeman of the United States with Special Reference T
James A Garfield Memorial Address
Dedication of the Equestrian Statue of Major-General Charles Devens And of the Monument to the Soldiers of Worcester County in the War for the Union July 4th 1906
George Moore A Bibliography of His Works
Sun Gleams Gossamers
Mahomet Or the Unveiled Prophet of Inistan A Boquet [!] for Jenny Lind
Fishin Jimmy
The New England Journal of Medicine Volume 183 N17
Annual Reports of the Inspectors Warden and Subordinate Officers of the Maine State Prison
Speech of Mr Plumer of New-Hampshire on the Missouri Question Delivered in the House of Representatives of the United States February 21 1820
Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene Volume 5 N6
The Old Peabody Pew Dramatized
Report on the Petition of SP Sanford and Others [Ladies of Dorchester] Concerning Distinctions of Color
Alumni Report Volume 37 N7
Alumni Report Volume 36 N3
Memoirs of the Geological Survey of Great Britain and the Museum of Economic Geology in London
A Cheap Trip to the Great Salt Lake City An Annotated Lecture Delivered Before the President of America and Representatives The Mayors of Liverpool and Manchester
Alumni Report Volume 33 N12
Alumni Report Volume 36 N6
Practical Italian Recipes for American Kitchens
Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene Volume 15 N7
Catalogue of Cumberland University Volume 1880-81
Infantry in the Defense Translated at the Army War College from a French Document
The New England Journal of Medicine Volume 183 N4
California and Other Selected Poems
Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene Volume 12 N4
Proceedings of Conference on Proposed Legislation to Regulate the Manufacture Importation and Testing of Explosives Held in Ottawa Sep 23 and 30 1910
Grant Colfax Griswold Cornell
Catalogue of the Exhibit of the Historical Society Opened February 20th 1900 at the Fisk Free Public Library in New Orleans La
I Conference of State and Local Historical Societies
History of the Township of Ransom
Brief History of the Barber Family with Portrait of the Author
Edward Everett Robbins (Late a Representative from Pennsylvania) Memorial Addresses Delivered in the House of Representatives of the United States Sixty Fifth Congress Third Session Proceedings in the House February 16 1919 Proceedings in the Senate
H Sauters Formosa-Ausbeute Formicidae (Hym)
Travel in the United States
Positions and Duties of the North Slavery
Annual Report of the State Orphans Home of the State of Montana Volume 1900
Shall We Ever Reach the Pole?
Annual Report of the Topographical Survey of Louiiana
Annual Report of the Montana State Reform School for the Year Ending December 1st Volume 1895
Reerection of Statue of Lincoln Report
Iron Arches The Practical Theory of the Continuous Arch
Edwin McMasters Stanton the Great War Secretary Paper Read Before the Ohio Commandery of the Loyal Legion December 1 1909
Almamen Or The Conquest of Granada
Co-Organisation of Diocesan and Central Church Societies Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
Corporate Action and Systematic Proportionate Giving A Proposal Concerning the Church of England Suggesting the Creation of a Constitutional Organisation for Promoting the Maintenance and Increase of the Home Pastorate And for the Promotion of Forei
North Carolina Farms for Sale Coastal Plain Section
A Catalogue of Local Lists of British Birds Arranged Under Counties
Artillery Notes Issue 33
Seventieth Anniversary St Pauls Cathedral London Ont 1835-1905 January 25th 1905
Wage Differentials and Economic Growth
Spirituality and Coping with Loss End of Life Healthcare Practice
Whats with the Long Naps Bears? Learning about Hibernation with the Garbage Gang
Outcomes 2 HSC Course 5e Ebookplus + Studyon Hsc Pdhpe (Card) Value Pack
The Five Horsemen of the Modern World Climate Food Water Disease and Obesity
From the Mental Patient to the Person
Identity in Latin American and Latina Literature The Struggle to Self-Define In a Global Era Where Space Capitalism and Power Rule
The Cross-Cultural Coaching Kaleidoscope A Systems Approach to Coaching Amongst Different Cultural Influences
Merce Cunningham Beyond The Perfect Stage
The Land Problem in the Developed Economy
Industrial Technological Development A Network Approach
Hollywood Melodrama and the New Deal Public Daydreams
Planning in Eastern Europe
Online Journalism in Africa Trends Practices and Emerging Cultures
Fingerprint Characters
Archaeology of the War of 1812
Dino-Mike and the Living Fossils
Academic Freedom at American Universities Constitutional Rights Professional Norms and Contractual Duties
Classify and Label The Unintended Marginalization of Social Groups
Deadly River Cholera and Cover-Up in Post-Earthquake Haiti
The Taming of the Shrew A Comparative Study of Oral and Literary Versions
The Nation Still in Danger Or Ten Years After the War
Researches Into the Physiology of the Brain
Appendix to 15th Report of the Royal Commission Giving a Complete List of All the Reports Issued and of the Collections of Manuscripts Examined Since the Commission Was Originally Appointed in 1869
Tables for Platelayers Compiled from the Formulae in the Work on Switches and Crossings
An Easter Carol
Understanding Fibromyalgia An Introduction for Patients and Caregivers
South-Eastern College Magazine
An Address Delivered by Henry M Rogers at the Meeting of the Commandery of the State of Massachusetts November 3 1915
Anthropology the Nature and History of Man a Syllabus of a Course of Study Designed for Class Work and Correspondence Teaching
The Veil Lifted Up A Sermon Preached the Tuesday After the Funeral of Canon Melvill
Woodrow Wilson a Sketch Together with a Short Review of the Career of Thomas R Marshall Vice-President Volume 2
Democratic Sonnets Volumes 1-2
A Supplement to the Report of the Select Committee an Legal Education
Dr Bells System of Instruction Broken Into Short Questions and Answers for the Use of Masters and Teachers in the National Schools
The Reaper Argument of William H Seward in the Circuit Court of the United States October 24 1854
Official Arrangements for the Funeral Solemnities and Interment of the Late Secretary of State
Scientific Papers of the Bureau of Standards Issue 10
An Address Delivered Before the Pilgrim Society of Plymouth December 22 1834
A Day in Court
A Reply to the Bishop of Peterboroughs Speech in the House of Lords on Intemperance Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
Proceedings of the Annual Meetin
How to Choose Editions
Practical Directions for the Cultivation of Cottage Gardens
Education To Whom Does It Belong?
Notes on Drawings by Mr Ruskin Placed on Exhibition by Professor Norton in the Gallery of Messrs Noyes Blakeslee Boston October 1879
Does Science Need Secrecy? A Reply to Prof Porter and Others of Harvard Medical School
List of Birds Living in the New York Zoological Park
Jewels from John Greenleaf Whittier
Report on the Geology of the Route Near the Thirty-Second Parallel Prepared from the Collection and Notes of Capt Pope
Notice of Remains of the Rein-Deer Cervus Tarandus Found in Ross-Shire Sutherland and Caithness With Notes of Its Occurrence Throughout Scotland from the Proc Soc of Antiq of Scotland
Merchant Taylors Revisited an Address
Selections from the Records of the Government in the Department Public Works Department Series Issue 11
St George the Dragon A Farcical Comedy
Discourse -- Chancellor Inauguration (University of Michigan)
AIDS to Reporting Or the Students Guide to Press Occupation by a Parliamentary Veteran
Croup and Its Specific Remedy
The Fourth Report of the Tribunal[s] of Commerce Association With an Appendix Giving a Few Cases Illustrative of the Hardships and Absurd Cruelties Inflicted on Suitors by the Present State of the Law
Silkworm Culture
Notice Sur Deux Catacombes de La Nouvelle Voie Salaria A Rome Et Sur Deux Peintures Qui Sy Trouvent
Humbugs of Speculation A Satirical Poem
Bulletin Issue 61
Answer of the Supervising Surgeon-General to the National Board of Health March 12 1884
Table of the Unity of Religion in the School of Nazareth [By T Martin]
War Finance Corporation Hearings Before on Bill HR 11517 and S 2775 May 3 and 4 1922 Statements of Hon Horace M Towner 1922
Filing Rules for the Arrangement of the Dictionary Catalogs of the Cleveland Public Library
Mr Ellsworths Appeal to the Friends of African Colonization
A Sermon Delivered at the Ordination of the REV Josiah B Andrews to the Pastoral Care of the Second Church in Killingworth April 21 1802
The Divine Right of the American Government a Sermon Delivered in Wharton Street Methodist Episcopal Church Sabbath May 11 1861
Letter of the Hon Louis MLane (Late Secretary of State) on the Subject of Anti-Masonry Addressed to the Anti-Masonic Committee at Harrisburgh
The Principles of Historical Evidence Considered in Their Bearing on the History of Remote Times
A Pastoral Letter on the Religious Instruction of the Slaves of Members of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the State of South-Carolina Prepared at the Request of the Convention of the Churches of the Diocese to Which Is Appended a Table of Scripture
The Conquest of the United States by Spain A Lecture Before the Phi Beta Kappa Society of Yale University January 16 1899
Pestalozzi A Lecture Before the Philadelphian Society of the State Normal University June 1866
An Address Delivered Before the Alumni of Harvard College July 16 1863
My First Buffalo Hunt
Our National and International Responsibilities an Address Delivered Before the Michigan State Bar Association at Grand Rapids Michigan on June 29 1917
Address Delivered at the Celebration of the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of the Founding of the Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States
A Plea for the Catholic Claims A Sermon Preached at the Chapel in Essex Street March 10 1813 B
Why the North Cannot Accept of Separation
Address Delivered by Miss Mildred Lewis Rutherford Historian General
The Training of Teachers in Austria
The First Stone On Reading the Unpublished Parts of de Profundis
Why Schenectady Was Destroyed in 1690 a Paper Read Before the Fortnightly Club of Schenectady May 3 1897 Volume 2
A Discourse for the Time Delivered January 4 1852 in the First Congregational Unitarian Church
Twenty-Six Common Birds
Womans Work for Foreign Missions of the Church of England Two Papers Read Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
The Extension of the Indefinite A Sermon of the Times
Proceedings of a Conference in Support of the Church Defence Institution Held at Lambeth Palace on Monday March 28 1881 Under the Presidency of the Archbishop of Canterbury Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
Saint or Satyr? A Satiric Poem
The Rich and the Poor One in Christ A Sermon Preached in S Peters Church Sudbury August 3 1858 Being the Commemoration of the Free Opening and Restoration of the Church Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
The Death of Alexander the Great
A Pastoral Poem and Other Pieces
The Bad Results of Good Habits
A Fragment on the Irish Roman Catholic Church
Chicago A Satire
Speeches Delivered by Several Indians Chiefs Also an Extract of a Letter from an Indian Chief
To Commend Truth to the Conscience the Object of a Faithful Minister A Sermon Delivered March 9th 1825 at the Installation of Leonard Bacon as Pastor of the First Congregational Church and Society in New Haven
The Judgment Day A Sacred Poem
Afro-American Freemans Light
An Address Delivered to the Rochester Diocesan Conference Held at Richmond on the 7th and 8th June 1899 Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
The Root of All Kinds of Evil
Valerie or the Treasured Tokens Romantic Opera in Four Acts
Master and Man A Play in a Prologue and Four Acts
He Is a Canadian and Other Verse
The Assertion Is That the Title of the House of Hanover to the Succession of the British Monarchy (on Failure of Issue of Her Present Majesty) Is a Title Hereditary and of Divine Institution
The Bible the Book of Mankind A Paper Read at the Worlds Bible Congress Held at the Panama-Pacific Exposition San Francisco Cal August 1-4 1915
A Lecture on the Use and Abuse of Emulation as a Motive to Study Delivered Before the Essex County Association of Teachers at Newburyport April 9 1852
Supposed Caricature of the Droeshout Portrait of Shakespeare With Fac-Simile of the Rare Print Taken from a Very Scarce Tract of an Elizabethan Poet
The Winning of Latane Cashton
A Sermon on the Conclusion of the Second Century from the Settlement of the State of Rhode-Island and Providence Plantations
The Possibilities of South American History and Politics as a Field for Research
The Relation of New Hanpshire Men to the Siege of Boston Delivered Before the New Hampshire Society of Sons of the American Revolution at Concord N H July 9 1903
A Half-Backs Interference
Good Luncheons for Rural Schools Without a Kitchen
Horton Family Year-Book Volume 1
An Address Delivered Before the Knoxville Industrial Association
A Review of the Progress of Cotton Manufacture in the United States
The Sacred Poems of NP Willis
Regular Girls
An Easy and Amusing Plan by Which Parents and Teachers May Teach Children the Outlines of Chronology
Graded Intelligence Tests for Elementary Schools
The Little Wife a Comedy Drama in Four Acts
An Address Delivered to the Electors of the Borough of Banbury at the Exchange Hall on Friday Evening March 12th 1880 Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
A Catalogue of American Seeds
The Girl Beneath the Cherry Trees
The Wrongs to Missouris Loyal People
The Preservation of Food in the Home
Is Slavery Consistent with Natural Law?
The Star-Spangled Banner
How to Fish the Dry Fly Describing the Latest Up-To-Date Necessary Tackle Its Cost and Where to Get It and the Proper Method of Using It a Description of the American and English Dry Flies Also How to Fish Various Nymphs from the Bottom Upwards in PL
A Report on the Culture of Hemp in Europe Including a Special Consular Report on the Growth of Hemp in Italy Received Through the Department of State
The Great Questions of the Times Exemplified in the Antagonistic Principles Involved in the Slaveholders Rebellion Against Democratic Institutions as Well as Against the National Union As Set Forth in the Speech of the Hon Lorenzo Sherwood Deliver
Della Vita E Delle Opere de Silvio Pellico - Volume Terzo
An Inaugural Ode
The Faith of the People Called Quakers in Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ Set Forth in Various E
Prayerful Sympathy Invoked for America A Sermon Preached at Cross Street Chapel Islington England on Sunday December 21st 1862
Mr Websters Speeches at Buffalo Syracuse and Albany May 1851
Letters on the Colonization Society And on Its Probable Results Under the Following Heads The Origin of the Society Increase of the Coloured Population Manumission of Slaves in This Country Declarations of Legislatures and Other Assembled Bodies I
Studies on Clubroot of Cruciferous Plants
Paradise Lost Symphonic Poem in a Prologue and Three Parts for Solo Voices Chorus Orchestra and Organ
Handbook of English and French Terms for the Use of Military Aviators
The Return of Arthur
Grandmas Memories
The Testimony of a Refugee from East Tennessee
Patriotism Is Doing Your Duty Memorial Address
The Sampling of Coal in the Mine
Speech of Mr Miner of Pennsylvania Delivered in the House of Representatives on Tuesday and Wednesday January 6 and 7 1829 On the Subject of Slavery and the Slave Trade in the District of Columbia With Notes
Honestys Best Policy Or Penitence the Sum of Prudence
Festival Thoughts and Other Verses
Remarks on the Account of the Late Voyage of Discovery to Baffins Bay Published by Captain J Ross RN
LAllegro Il Penseroso
Emancipation! Its Policy and Necessity as a War Measure for the Suppression of the Rebellion

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